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From Local Bread Flour Blends to Landrace Varietals, we deliver local cereals and flours to your local Puget Sound bakery or restaurant every Tuesday and Friday. 


You asked. We listened. 

The Pacific Northwest is home to the most prolific dryland wheat farming areas in the world, but local bakers struggle to source quality Northwest grains and flours. Local Farmers struggle to find local markets for diverse grains, and are forced to grow out conventional monocultures for export.  Local Mills, a miracle in their own rite, struggle to distribute. Our community, environment and farmland pay the price. 


We're partnered up, and ready to help you be the change. Join Us! 

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The vast rolling Palouse Country of the Inland Pacific Northwest is a scenic land of legendary fertility and family farms that has long been synonymous with the production of high quality grains and other crops. Located in the heart of the hills between the rural communities of Endicott and St. John, Washington, Palouse Colony Farm produces a variety of heritage grains on the same land where in 1889 the owners’ immigrant ancestors established an Old World settlement of commons and open fields.

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Cairnspring Mills specializes in European style bread flours with more wheat bran and germ for deeper flavor, better nutrition and livelier baking character compared to U.S. commodity all-purpose flour. The Cairnspring team collaborates with artisan bakers, chefs and food professionals and delivers fresh flours that elevate the flavor, nutrition and character of their favorite recipes.

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The flour you buy from Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill - milled on stone and hammer mills - comes from dedicated organic grain growers throughout the Northwest. By milling only organically-grown grains, Fairhaven Mill supports healthy farmlands and a sustainable, ecologically-responsible agriculture.

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